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Making the Most of Your Outdoor Space in a Condo

Posted by Toronto Condo Home on March 28, 2023

How Will You Use Your Condo Outdoor?

First, ask yourself what type of outdoor space you want to create. Do you want a spot to sit and have your morning coffee and evening cocktail or a place to cuddle up with an excellent book?

Are you a home cook that enjoys using fresh herbs and veggies, or maybe you’re just yearning to have some flowers to give some life to your house in the sky? You can begin designing the space once you’ve determined how to use it.

Consider the material that will work best for your condo balcony once you’ve determined how you’ll use it. You should remember the following points:

  • Are you in a location that gets a lot of rainfall?
  • Is the breeze on your balcony too strong?
  • Do you receive a lot of sunlight?
  • Will your furniture be left outside all year, even in the winter?

The next step is establishing a color palette for your condo balcony. You’ll want to select one or two colors for accessories. Cushions, blankets, potted plants, and furniture enhance your balcony look.

Outfitting the floor is one way to improve the atmosphere of your condo balcony or terrace. The majority of balconies are just plain concrete, which is hardly welcoming. Thanks to the warmth and softer surface of wooden tiles, your condo balcony will feel like a deck immediately.

Put down a lovely rug or even a straw mat to replace the concrete floor on those smaller balconies. If having a green area appeals to you, look for a high-quality artificial grass mat; just be careful that it appears manageable.



Balconies vary significantly from one another. If you need more to work with, there are a few easy ways to make the most of your space. You can hang just about anything from the railing of your balcony. Search for folding tables that can be mounted to your bar and only raised when necessary. These can be used as a kitchen table for breakfast or a desk for your laptop. Search for benches with built-in storage to store your cushions and blankets while not in use.

Turning Your Tiny Terrace into a Stylish and Practical Outdoor Room

Your tiny terrace may become something unique with little strategic planning.

They take much more consideration than a larger space, but maintenance will be simple once you get it looking how you want it.

Here are some points you may want to know to have a stylish

  • Remember to upgrade the simple things since they can have a dramatic effect. Even the tiniest modifications to your outside space can have a significant impact. With the help of outdoor furniture, terrace storage, and creative decoration, you can turn your small eyesore into a safe sanctuary. These valuable and fashionable additions help your outdoor space feel like a genuine patio and make it seem more extensive and open.
  • The standard condo balcony has a personality-less concrete floor. Fortunately, interlocking deck tiles can liven up a dull slab. By simply snapping the individual pieces together, they are straightforward to install. And if you rent a place, you should know that they are simple to take out.
  • Save space with sleek furnishings. Our most important advice for patios in apartment complexes is to consider the size of the furniture. You want to fill the room with a manageable amount of pieces. To sit outside and enjoy it, you should have a set of chairs and a small side table in your limited space. Fortunately, these little tables and chairs are fashionable and simple to find! Why overthink the endearing simplicity when they are in all of the pictures of European balconies that you see online? A plus is furniture that can be folded or stacked; you never know when you’ll want to use the room for something else.
  • With small potted plants on the table and in the corner, a straightforward hanging structure looks stylish and works to display even more greenery. They are hanging plant boxes on the wrought iron fence. Small potted plants on the table and in the corner and a simple but stylish hanging structure display more greenery. Planter boxes hang from the wrought iron fence.

Turning Your Tiny Terrace into a Stylish and Practical Outdoor Room

The Benefits of Adding Plants and Greenery to Your Condo Outdoor Space

More than our health and well-being are benefited when there is greenery around us. Also, it makes it easier to manage water resources, encourages biodiversity in built-up areas, and can lessen the effects of noise pollution. Moreover, greenery increases the market value of buildings like homes and offices.

Not only do indoor plants improve a room’s overall beauty, but studies have also shown that they improve emotions, increase creativity, lower stress levels, and remove air pollutants, all of which contribute to a happier and healthier you. Indoor plants can improve our mood in addition to improving their appearance.

Plants absorb roughly 50% of the sunlight while reflecting 30%. By lowering the outside temperature, air conditioners within the building and solar panels on the roof operate more effectively.

How To Maximize Your Condo’s Patio Space

Condos require a lot of curation. Although cramming furniture for all seasons into your outdoor living space may be tempting, concentrating on your favorite balcony activities will help keep your patio open and valuable.

Consider your priorities before purchasing patio furniture: do you enjoy a cup of tea on the balcony in the morning? An after-work bookworm? A skilled cook working the grill? Focus on your vision for patio living to ensure your design decisions reflect your preferences.

You can start customizing your current layout once you’ve determined the primary use for your balcony.

Consider these tips to have a larger outdoor space in your condo:

  • Look for furniture that serves two purposes if you want to add storage to your outdoor area. Select a coffee table with drawers or a chest that can double as a bench. This enables you to conceal decorative items like additional blankets, chair covers, and throw cushions.
  • Make use of corners and surfaces as much as possible.
  • Potted plants make perfect additions to corners.
  • Think vertical by adding hanging plants and string lights.
  • Add a privacy screen or chandelier.
  • Consider adding curtains to create added privacy and vertical space.

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The Bottom Line

As you can see, outdoor balcony decoration has a lot of advantages. Consider adding some embellishments if you want to make your outside area better! The difference it makes might surprise you.

Use these tips to make the most of your outdoor condo space and have a stylish terrace.

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