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How to Find the Cheapest Houses in Canada

Posted by Toronto Condo Home on August 10, 2022

Despite the flourishing real estate market and soaring costs, there is no need to give up on the thought of purchasing a home in Canada. It is possible to find a comfortable place to live, even in a stylish or central area, depending on your preferences.

6 Low-Cost House Styles in Canada

Fortunately, Canada offers a wide range of housing choices among which you can choose one that matches your budget and needs.

To get a better idea of the types of housing alternatives available to you within your budget, estimate your monthly expenses and mortgage payments.

1. Mobile Home

A mobile home is built in advance and then relocated to a new place. They are normally left permanently or semi-permanently in one location, but they can be moved and may occasionally be ordered to move for legal reasons. They are also known as “manufactured” or “factory-built” homes since they are built in factories.

The advantage of buying a mobile home is that it is customizable. You are able to add a sunroom, fireplace, deck, sound system, cabinet, plumbing features, patio, or even a room or garage if the floor plan allows.

They are more affordable compared to traditional ones. The price depends on the width, add-ons, site (because you need to buy the land or rent it), sections, and the moving system. Used mobile homes are also even cheaper than new ones.

 advantage of buying condo2. Condos

In some ways, a condominium is similar to a house—you can own one—and in others, it is similar to an apartment—neighbors will share a wall with you.

Condos are usually less expensive than houses, and it’s partly due to the square footage. Besides, condos’ maintenance costs and responsibilities are less than those of houses. There is a board managing those things.

If you plan to purchase a condo, there are tips you need to consider when buying a condo.

condo minium

3. Bank-Owned Homes

A bank-owned home, also known as an REO (real estate owned), is a property whose owner has failed to pay the bank’s installment and will be sold at auction as a bank-owned asset.

You can find bank-owned properties through online listings provided by banks.

 bank-owned properties

4. Used Tiny Homes

Usually, newly constructed homes cost more than older homes where a family has resided. You can purchase a used home if you’re seeking a less expensive property. Typically, they are rebuilt, or you can do it yourself over time.

Used Tiny Homes

5. Hud Homes

They are somehow similar to bank-owned houses. A HUD home is a property purchased by HUD as a result of a mortgage foreclosure action on a loan that is FHA-insured. HUD assumes control of the property and lists it for sale in order to recover the loss on the foreclosure claim. so it’s normal for them to be among the cheapest homes.

A HUD home is a property

6. Pre-construction Houses

You can buy a pre-construction home directly from the builder in Canada. Since they are not ready yet, the builder may provide you with a floor plan to get an idea of how the new home will look. Additionally, you are able to customize the home because it’s still under construction.

Pre-construction condos are even cheaper than other pre-construction properties.

Pre-construction Houses

Condo Assignments Terms in Toronto

Condo Assignmnets

7 Cheapest Places to Buy in Canada

Whether you already own a house but are not satisfied with the neighborhood or are seeking a cheap house to buy, there are some regions in Canada that are less expensive than other places yet suitable for a family to live.

1. Brock

In the small town of Brock, which is northeast of Toronto, you can buy a detached home for an average price of $774,500. Additionally, there are a few condo structures on Brock Avenue in Toronto.

It’s only It’s only 10 minutes to downtown Toronto and nearly an hour and a half to get to Union Station by car, depending on the traffic.

Brock is northeast of Toronto

2. Oshawa

Oshawa is the second-cheapest neighborhood, 60 kilometers east of Toronto, with Go train access.

You can own a home there for less than 1 million dollars. The cheapest condos are also located in Oshawa, at only $381,795.

Oshawa is home to the headquarters of General Motors, which can offer locals job prospects.

Oshawa is the second-cheapest neighborhood

3. Orangeville

Orangeville is about an hour’s drive from Toronto.

It serves as an administrative and commercial hub for Dufferin County and the surrounding area. There are some beautiful parks in the neighborhood.

The cheapest locations for semi-detached homes can be found in Orangeville, for about $715,000.

 Dufferin County

4. Essa

By living in Essa, you’ll enjoy a rural lifestyle with access to urban amenities. Actually, it’s placed somewhere between the town and the country.

The average home price in Essa, in Durham Region, is less than $1 million.

There are also preconstruction condos in Essa for sale which are best for those looking for a cheap home.

If you have always wanted to buy a property in Canada but have been discouraged by the high cost of homes, there are affordable options in different types and places with amenities available. Condos and preconstruction condos in Canada can also be wonderful places to live with a low mortgage payment.

home-price -essa

If you have always wanted to buy a property in Canada but have been discouraged by the high cost of homes, there are affordable options in different types and places with amenities available. especially condos and preconstruction condos in Canada can be wonderful places to live with a low mortgage payment.

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